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Fancy Frame Glass Stores has been into glass business since 1960 .With three generations of working experience with glass, we are the pioneers in the field of glass supply, designs and solutions and a one stop shop for all glass needs.

In 1960 Mr. Musa Sheikh Haider started the glass business on a very small scale with 2mm clear sheet glass which was mainly used for photo framing. He then gradually moved to window glass with a small shop in the by lanes of Itwari market at Nagpur. He thrived on Honesty and integrity which he passed on to his two sons Mr. Fazal Musa Haider and Mr. Rashid Musa Haider.

His sons continued the good work and legacy of Mr. Musa Haider and expanded the business many folds. The portfolio range expanded from 2mm to 19mm glass with different varieties in decorative glasses, toughened glasses, laminated glasses etc. Now since 2005 Mr. Fazal Musa’s son Mr. Adnan Musa has joined the business and taken the business even to new heights. He has completed his MBA from Australia.

Now the business has 3 showrooms in Nagpur and 1 in Raipur, 2 warehouses and a workshop employing about 50 people. The business operates in three names: